Fanoe's 150 m2 indoor playarea with 3 floors!

At Rødgaard Camping we have a big 150 m2 indoor playarea, filled with fun and games for the youngest. 
Let the children explore in the 3 storyes softplay area, with lots of tunnels, paths and slides. 

A fun experience for all children below the age of 12.
For Rødgaard Campings youngest guests, the play area is for free, but for other guests the price is 25 DKK per hour per child. 

The indoor play area is build in the same building as Axel's Kitchen (the onsite italian restaurant), which creates a great opportunity for light refreshments. 

The opening hours for the indoor play area, follow the opening hours of the reception at Rødgaard Camping and Axel's Kitchen opening hours. 
(Call +45 7516 3311 for more info about the opening hours)