At the mainland

The mainland is only 12 miutes away with the ferry, that offers great opportunity for experiences for the whole family - shopping, art, museum, beach, zoo and much more. We guarantee experiences for everyone! 

In the reception you can recieve a " excursion ticket " either the day before or the day of, then you do not have to pay the full price for the ferry. 
ATT. the ticket can be used after 15.00 from Esbjerg. 

Fisheries and Maritime museum 

Located 4,1 km fromt the ferry (Esbjerg) is the fisheries and Maritime museum, that is filled with history, learning and fun. At the museum you can learn about the sea and its animals, see the seals being fed or go back in time to experience Esbjergs maritime history. The museum is for children of all ages, and you are sure to have a day filled with fun and excitement.    

Givskud Zoo/Safari Park

Located 84 km from the ferry (Esbjerg) is Givskud Zoo, where you can experience zoo, safari and a dinosaurpark. By walking you can visit the zoo and the dinoaurpark and with your own car you can go on safari and drive with a lot of wild animals. Experiences for the whole family and the park is suitable for children of all ages. 


Located 64 km from the ferry (Esbjerg) is the favorite of all children - Legoland. An amazing park that offers rides for all ages, miniland build from Lego, Atlantis by Sea Life and much more. A day in Legoland creates memories for the whole family, that follows you for the rest of your life. You will never regret a trip to Legoland.

The city of Esbjerg

The City of Esbjerg is located 900 m from the fery (Esbjerg) and offer everything from shopping, to restaurants, to art, to history, to sports and much more. You can experience some of Esbjergs many trademarks and can find entertainment for the whole family and for all ages. By clicking "read more" below, we came up with suggestions for what Esbjerg can offer. 

Svømmestadion Danmark 

Located 2,2 km from the ferry (Esbjerg) is the place for all water lovers. Svømmestadion Denmarks is the biggest water park with a competiton area, spring towers, Roman area, tropical area with: slides, countercurrent chanel, wawe pool, and children's pool. The place is suitable for all ages. 

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Other attractions

If you are willing to travel a bit further to find different attractions and/or entertainment, we made some suggestions about what you could do.