Fanø færgen – overfart

Esbjerg-Fanø during 12 minuts

The Fanø-ferry sails between Esbjerg in Jylland and Nordby at Fanø.

The crossing takes approximately 12 minutes. Follow the link belowt to find the further information. 


Good to know

Fanoelinjen summer offer 2020
1/8-30/9: Walking travelers, cyclist, mopeds and motorcycles travel for free!
10/8-30/9: All cars, Ø-card, landowner/permanent camper, autocamper and caravan travel for 50 kr.!
Read about the offer here

Offer for caravan
If you are traveling to Fanoe before June 7th and after August 10th, it is free to take the caravan with you.

Saturdays costs almost 100% more
If you are going to Fanoe with a caravan in the period between June 8th to August 9th, we do not recommend to travel on saturdays. as the price is 795 kr.  

Round trip to Fanoe
All tickets are round trip tickets, and there is no ticketcontrol from Fanoe.