Fanø Padel 

As something new from 2021, Rødgaard Camping now has a beautiful Padel course.
Invite friends and family to a game on a brand new course and in new surroundings.

To book an appointment, you can use the online booking on the button below.

Padel - Equipment
We point out that only paddle equipment may be used on the course.
Bring your own equipment or rent it through us. (summer only)
During the winter months, from 19 September to 1 May, equipment can be rented by contacting Anita on  +45 30631120

The practical:

Course rent 1 hour:  200 kr.
(1.Jul - 14.Aug.)

Course rent 1 hour:  160 kr.
(15.Aug - 30.Jun.)

Rent of bat:  25 kr. 

Purchase of 3 balls:  60 kr.


A little about Padel:
Padel, is a sport that is best described as 50% of the best from other racket and bat sports and 50% fun, adrenaline, camaraderie and cozy company.
The sport is easy to get started with and therefore appeals to a wide group of athletes.
We look forward to welcoming you!